Young Wordsmiths

Young Wordsmiths website

Young Wordsmiths is an online magazine run by Lekha Ink, a writing center and children’s book publisher in San Jose, California.

Lekha Ink started an online magazine to publish writing and occasional video presentations by writing center students. Showing the results of Lekha’s writing programs, the site also serves to promote their programs.

The goal was creating a site which supports the existing Lekha branding, while letting the content take the lead. With WordPress as the content management system, the site’s design is based on the responsive WP-Clear magazine theme.

Custom navigation was needed to best present student projects. The main menu includes the tracks: creative writing and academic writing. The right column includes a dropdown list of student authors.

On individual posts, age, grade, track, program format, teacher, and location identify students and their works and link the user to similar content. For example, the age of the student link to all entries by students of that age. This rich navigation not only allows users to find work of their greatest interest, but also shows the level of work created at the Lekha Writing Center according to each criteria.

Each student entry includes the student’s name in the byline. Because Lekha is publishing through teacher accounts, rather than granting an account to each student, the byline had to be custom coded to present author name.

For social media, entries on the online magazine post automatically to Young Wordsmiths’ Twitter and Tumblr accounts. These channels also support select messages from Lekha Ink itself.

Design and editorial work is an ongoing need for Young Wordsmiths. On the design side, advertising is created to publicize Lekha’s published books and educational opportunities. On the editorial side, content is edited and entered by the instructors and staff, then reviewed for correctness and completeness before being published on a scheduled basis.

Young Wordsmiths successfully presents the work of Lekha’s writers and promotes the quality of Lekha’s writing programs.