PPRI World Health

Penfold Patterson Research Institute website

Penfold Patterson Research Institite (PPRI) is a non-profit specializing in low cost diagnostics for breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings in the developing world. This website, the organization’s first, includes background information on PPRI, their personnel, products and news updates on their presentations at conferences.

The website called for coding an existing design in WordPress. While keeping very close to the original design, adaptations optimize the site for WordPress. The overall design converts to a grid-based layout, especially important for its responsive design. Some design elements not included in the original design are added: the main navigation menu, a two-column blog template. The color palette expands upon the original.

With the updated design, two page layouts are coded, one full-width for most pages and one with a right sidebar for the blog section. Streamlining the WordPress theme creation process enables PPRI to support important upcoming presentations with their new website.