Lekha Writing Center

Lekha Writing Center website

Lekha is a writing school and children’s book publisher in San Jose, California.

To coincide with Lekha Writing Center franchising its programs, the original site content is split into a corporate/publishing site and a writing center site.

The design balances the professionalism of the organization with the fun, creative environment they provide. Round-cornered boxes echo the Lekha logo and give separate spaces for each of their varied offerings.

Goals for the new Lekha Writing Center websites included creating a program catalog, adding a blog for making regular content updates, and creating franchise location sites including all that’s needed for a franchisee to run their own locations.

At the core of the redesign is a custom program catalog. With filters to find programs by grade, track, or schedule, users easily find programs to suit their individual needs.

Site management began with Lekha’s previous HTML/PHP site. Incremental changes were made to that design to create a smooth visual transition to the new site.

Lekha Writing Center has events going on throughout the year. Creating content updates are critical to keeping clients engaged. Email communications, online advertising, and social channels are used to find and stay connected with clientele.