Lekha Ink

Lekha Ink e-commerce website

Lekha Ink needed a new site to represent their publishing unit. Goals for the new site included expanding the online store. I worked with WooCommerce as our ecommerce solution. So, a collection of product pages with buy buttons became a full-fledged online store with grid display, categories for filtering goods, a shopping cart, and user accounts. In this stage of the project, the design of the publishing and writing school sites matched to keep brand continuity.

As the new sites were adopted and the publishing unit continued to develop, Lekha Ink needed its own look and feel while still connecting to the overall Lekha branding. While the writing school continued with the initial design, the second design for the publishing site is clean, open, and brings the books to center stage.

Site management began with Lekha’s previous HTML/PHP site and continued through two redesigns and incremental changes.

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