50 Balmy Law P.C.

50 Balmy Law P.C.

50 Balmy Law P.C. is a San Francisco-based law firm specializing in legal services for the arts, entertainment, and nonprofits. The new 50 Balmy website expands on existing content, outlining their expertise.

The overall development required a number of specialized approaches. Individual pages are coded to include image sliders or static images with one or two columns.

Three custom sections were created: a firm personnel directory, a practice areas catalog, and a portfolio of notable work. Each section has an overview page which is automatically updated from individual entries to make updating the site quicker and easier. Notable Work and Practice Areas overview pages includes titles and excerpts of their individual articles linking to full articles on each individual page. Personnel overview page includes staff names, job titles, headshots, and photo credits with links through to individual profile pages.

Photo galleries, based on the native WordPress gallery, are featured on the Clients page and the Balmy Alley page. The Client gallery presents logos in a variety of images in similar formats. Like the site as a whole, the galleries use responsive design.

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